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Eric aus Australien schrieb am 17. September 2017 um 12:05:
Dear Andrea, I did hesitate to write a comment down here. The reason is I'd like to keep the most beautiful places secret for myself, but a butterly can effect the world, so sharing an experience to others maybe helps to make the world a tiny bit better. So I do not comment, but describe what I feel @ your site. Over the past years, I've always spent time here to feel the nature and to be human. Sometimes to just let go problems (that were not) and to re-adjust and take a deep breath again. A unique place in the world to feel this and getting your feet back on the ground. The Hoogan radiates from peace & calmness and as you enter the wooden front door the clock instantly begins to slow down. Anyway I regularly do rub my eyes, when time to leave comes. Always surprising how this affects all visitors, even the animals that live here, or just come around. This is not a ranch, this is a little secret island of another world, for sure. My wife and me love this place and both hope to return soon. Love Lili & Eric